Social media can kill your business!

I’ve written quite a lot about the importance of social media; how easy it is to connect with potential & existing customers but here’s the problem, if you don’t CARE you will lose business.

I’ll come back to the C.A.R.E acronym but essentially social media can expose your good customer service as inadequate in today’s digital world.

Customer service advice

Here are 5 tips that if followed will turn good customer service into a competitive advantage by delighting your customers;

1.    Map and communicate your customer journey

Even if it is a short relationship, make sure your customer & your team know what’s going to happen & when – there should be no surprises!

2.    Good advice

Your organisation should be the go to people when it comes to advice on your product & market. Make it easier for your customers to freely benefit from your product or service.

3.    Always learn

Foster a culture where you are always looking to improve & innovate. Ask your customers, research your competitors, and ask yourselves where improvements can be made. Then make sure you make them!

4.    Consistent

Your brand can only grow if you consistently add to its equity. Simply put only

Make promises you can keep and keep the promises you make.

With all the tools available online you have little excuse to keep a close eye on your promises e.g. turnaround and response times, speed of web pages, delivery timings etc

.5.    Continuous improvement

Customers expect the service level that is right for them so you can no longer have a standard rather a current service level that might well be better tomorrow.

Most customers don’t buy just the cheapest. They consider if there’s an additional ‘price’ in dealing with a company. Make sure that other ‘price’ is excellent value through excellent customer service.

 C.A.R.E.?  Customers Are Really Everything

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