The technology doesn’t really matter!

The was a time when a well crafted ad, placed in the correct environment was the way. However marketing has changed.

Customers are much less interested in messages that are pushed to them. They want to discover new & interesting things for themselves & then show their friends how clever they are at unearthing a great deal or recommending a winner.

Get inside your customer’s head

All you have to do is make it easy for them to ‘find’ your offering & share it!

The link between Google & social networks has never been more important. A friend highlights a great ‘new thing’, you start by searching it then maybe look for recommendations on social networks before sharing it with your friends. But here’s the critical point it will only get shared if it’s either very bad, which of course you want to avoid, or it makes the sharer look good. 

The best content is not only a good read & easy to comment on but it is also easy to share & gain some kudos in doing so.

Here’s some tips on how to improve your content;

  • Pictures are better than words: video, photos, infographics etc
  • Add share options to everything
  • Tell  the story behind your product
  • 140 characters is a good target: customers are used to short text
  • Be funny, approachable, honest & credible
  • Seek feedback, what do people think?
  • Will your content impart some credibility to your customer?
  • Only the best deals will do
  • Don’t forget the keywords & remember to research the results

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