What should your Marketing Plan include?

Last year I listed 7 channels that should have been seriously considered when creating your 2012/13 Marketing plan. They were;

  • paid search201314 Marketing Plan
  • natural search
  • email
  • affiliate marketing
  • social marketing
  • re-targeting
  • SMS/mobile

You can read the full post here – 2012/13 marketing plan – a solid base

We are now well into 2013 & I’ve taken a look at what else you should be considering. Last year’s plan is still valid of course but with Marketing changing so rapidly there is always some new tactics to consider & test.

Results based marketing

Just before I launch into these, I read a piece last week where research company Forrester was suggesting that 2013 would be the year digital marketing would in fact just be called marketing. Here’s the full report.

Couldn’t agree more. The idea of a separate digital team within a marketing department in my view just hindered integration. Any senior marketer who doesn’t understand the digital channel is going to find it very hard to compete in today’s market. Yes have specialists but we’ve always had these.

It’s the marketing director’s job to understand the business, create the strategy & apply the best balance of channels (tactics & specialists) to exploit ‘their’ market.

So what else should be in your 2013/14 Marketing Plan? Here’s my top 6; 

Data & Software

Nothing new here. Knowledge is power, it just that current technology has enabled anyone to measure virtually everything.

Each business will have a different balance of channels to reach their audiences but now there is no excuse for not examining the data to define profitable strategies.

A business should be able to track their customers & potential customers, see what they want from the business & respond accordingly

More Mobile

Tablets & smartphones continue to grow at an increasing pace – my mother in law has just bought her first iPad at the age of 81!

Some businesses I work with now have 20%-30% mobile traffic. It’s therefore critical marketers take the opportunity to reach mobile customers with an experience that matches their device & searching environment (on the train, at the coffee shop, on the couch).

I’d go further & suggest a company’s main website will also need to reflect the changing way customers want to search for and interact with brands. Once you’ve experienced a great mobile site or mobile optimised email, navigating a long winded website is often frustrating

More pictures

A picture paints….!

Better to say it with a great image. Just make sure it is well described & tagged. Remember Google is a bat – see my post on Google is a Bat! for tips on making sure Google can see your pictures.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all making images central to their offering

More Content

PR, Content Marketing, Social, call it what you will but getting your message online is the objective.

Today there are many tools that will help you create your own content & distribute it online. The tricky bit is coming up with a strategy of what to say! Back to the marketing director’s role of understanding the ‘market buyers’, setting the plan, outlining the ‘news’ that your audiences will find interesting, marshalling the specialists & measuring the result

Google AdWords

The vast majority of internet journeys start on Google. It’s today’s Yellow Pages. Therefore you should have an Adword campaign. Even a small monthly budget of £100 properly researched & managed will give a fast return.

More Social

Think of social media (Twitter & Facebook to start with) as a way to;

  1. improve your online visibility (search)
  2. talk directly to your audiences (crowd source ideas, customer feedback etc) and
  3. share content both visual & written.

When viewed like this it’s a given you should be using social media. Just make sure you have some guides on what you are sharing.

If you would like some help with setting up, reviewing or implementing your marketing to build results, please get in touch.


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